Tennis Clubs

You can convert a low attendance tennis court into two to three padel courts to help attract new interest.

  • Padel is not as physically demanding as tennis
  • It encourages members to become more social
  • Coaches can organise training programmes for younger new players
  • Padel attracts interest among friends and family of long-standing club members

Private & Residential

You can convert your backyard tennis court into two or more padel courts for your friends and family to enjoy. Padel courts are also a great addition to new residential complexes or retirement villages.

Schools & Education

Schools often have one or two old, rundown tennis courts, that aren’t being used. This is not only a waste of space, but they usually take away from the campus’ aesthetic. Converting tennis courts to padel courts not only looks highly sophisticated and brings enjoyment to students but also allows for many students to play at once.


Our unrivalled expertise in sports surface construction ensures that professional and recreational tournaments can be played on padel courts that are of the highest quality.